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If you missed Friday’s Legaltech Week review of the top stories in legal technology and innovation, here are the video and audio recordings.

Two guest panelists joined us this week: Roy Strom, correspondent for Bloomberg Law and formerly a reporter for The American Lawyer and the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, and Julie Sobowale,

In case you missed it, here is the video of yesterday’s Legaltech Week journalist’s roundtable.

This week’s top stories:

  • 4:32 – Dating App for Lawyers (Selected by Joe Patrice)
  • 7:22 – SCOTUS Opinion on Fair Use of Coding in Google vs. Oracle (Selected by Joe Patrice)
  • 10:22 – Rocket Lawyer’s $223m investment

If you missed Legaltech Week on Friday, here are the audio and video. Thanks to my futile attempt to connect from a remote location in Florida, I come across as a drunk Cylon (thanks Dennis Kennedy) and Molly McDonough steps in to moderate.

Top stories this week and when they appear:

  • 3:36 –

We introduce a new segment this week: panelists’ rants and raves, a lightning round of what made us mad or glad this week. Other stories we discuss include: a look-ahead to virtual Legalweek, an ABA ethics opinion on responding to negative online criticism, ROSS’s litigation gambit calling Thomson Reuters a monopoly, whether virtual firms are

In a special year-end episode of Legaltech Week yesterday, our regular panel of legaltech journalists shared their picks for the top stories of the year in legal technology and innovation. What were they? You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out.

Listen to the podcast above or watch the video below.

The panelists

If you missed our live panel of legal journalists yesterday discussing the week’s top stories in legal technology and innovation, here are the audio and video recordings.

This week’s topics included: the Utah Supreme Court approves sweeping regulatory changes to address access to justice, e-discovery company Reveal acquires AI company NexLP, Biglaw lawyers flock to

If you missed our weekly Legaltech Week panel of journalists yesterday as we tackled another week of legal news, fear not. We have recordings — either the audio podcast above or the full video below.

Among the top stories we discuss this week: fun with mute buttons, civil rights edition; the privacy and due