It is fitting that Las Vegas is a major mecca of gambling, given that, next week, several hundred people will take a gamble on their safety to attend the physical portion of the first-ever hybrid ILTACON, the annual conference of the International Legal Technology Association. While I’d planned to be among them, I have decided

An international working group of academics, vendors, lawyers and other legal professionals is today releasing the legal industry’s first comprehensive guide to best practices and workflows for creating effective legal documents in Microsoft Word.

Document Competency: What Every Legal Professional Should Know for Effective & Efficient Drafting in Word, is intended to establish for

A week away from the first hybrid version of ILTACON, the annual convention of the International Legal Technology Association, and with mounting fears around the surge in the Delta variant of the virus, a major vendor, iManage, has informed its customers that it will not send staff to the conference in Las Vegas.

“We let